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मोहब्बत निगाहेँ करती हैँ तडपना दिल को पडता हैँ.

अये खुदा, अब तुहि बता, उसकी खुशी की दुआ करु या मायुशि कि!!!

सुना हे, वोह जब मायुश होते हे, हमे बहोत याद करते हे

वो इस चाह में रहते है के हम उनको उनसे मांगे,

In almost any partnership, equally companions want respect from one another. Do you concur or Not? The relationship normally redeems with trust, faith, and treatment. Equally associates have equal authority to share or focus on their own personal viewpoint. In order to make solid your romance then discussion and conversation are really important. The two companions ought to give regard and treatment thoughts of one another thus; it is possible to Develop your romantic relationship more robust. On One more side, if we take a look at the connection in relations then you need to have perfect bounding to discuss any situation? There are numerous motives which happen to be liable for producing gaps in interactions.

आज उसकी एक बात ने मुझे मेरी गलती की यूँ सजा दी…

वो ज़िद्द कर के बोले… ‘फिर से सुनाओ’…..!!”

” कितनी झुठी होती है, मोहब्बत की कस्मेँ….।”

रुखसत हुए तेरी गली से हम आज कुछ इस कदर……..

वो इस तरह मुस्कुरा रहे थे , जैसे कोई गम छुपा रहे थे !!

Dwell each other everyday living. Really like the all essential items of his livelihood and comprehension is on priority. #4. You won't ever short mood to each other. Obey your terms and guarantees. Since you just get this existence only once and someday all finishes. Maintain this love forever and marry with your partner. #five. Everytime you talk to your beloved then put one cardamom to your mouth. click here It might help to create you close to each other. Using this method you have mental magnetism of your spouse. The Vashikaran mantra ever chant by our sages on the himalaya. It might help to entice or heal the unconcious brain of individuals.

फिर उनकी मोहब्बत ने मेरे सारे वहम तोड़ दिए…….

ले रहे थे मोहब्बत के बाज़ार में इश्क की चादर…

घर के बाहर भले ही दिमाग ले जाओ.. क्योंकि दुनियाँ एक ‘बाजार’ है,

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